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Vodafone Business Mobiles

A Ready Business lets calls follow people

vodafone business mobile contracts

Catering for small and large businesses alike, Vodafone is a great network choice for 4G coverage and reliability.

New One Net Business solutions mean that your company mobiles, tablets, desk phones (landlines) and voicemail is all connected making your people and business even more efficient!

Sharer price plans offer even better value for money than individual tariffs by sharing allocated minutes of calls, text messages and data between your workforce and between multiple sites.

Key Benefits

  • Cloud based fixed & mobile converged solution

A whole new way to communicate

Vodafone One Net Business is a complete, converged communications system. It’s cloud based and connects you desk phones, mobiles and voicemail making everyone and everything more efficient.

  • Simplify the way you communicate

Improved Customer Service

All your desk phones, mobiles and voicemail are connected – even across multiple sites/offices

Employees can instantly manage any incoming call or message wherever they’re working – without call divert charges

Customers, colleagues and clients can be dealt with promptly and professionally at all times.

Better Call Management

Call pickup and hunt groups allow teams of people to answer each other’s calls when busy.

Auto attendant allows selection of a department rather than an individual employee.

Enhanced Productivity

Remove barriers to good communications – reduce the amount of missed calls.

Liberate everyone to work as productively on the move as they do in the office.

  • Simplify the way you manage your communications

Easy Set-Up

A cloud-based solution, with hardware hosted off-site saving you space and money – a new phone for virtually no upfront cost.

Installed with features configured to match the way your business works. Your monthly subscription means you are always on the latest version, no hefty service upgrade fees.

Keep your existing telephone numbers, so there’s no need to re-print business stationary or literature.

Simplified Billing

One communication provider, one bill.

Billing admin is reduced, even across multiple offices.

Take full control of your spend on a simple per user, per month OPEX model so it’s easier to budget accurately.

Hassle Free Changes

Highly adaptable via a cloud-based online portal/mobile app.

New users can be added as your business grows.

Add or remove functionality without interruptions to your business.

Our service

We compare all available Vodafone business contract deals including the One Net Business converged solution to make sure you get the cheapest price possible.

Contact us today to find out how much you could save.

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