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SIM Only

Some or all of your existing devices might still be in perfect working order when it comes to renewing your business mobiles contract and this is where SIM only deals really help with savings.

You can choose to upgrade some of your phones for new models whilst opting for SIM only deals for your existing phones which offer big savings over phone contracts.

Monthly ‘Hero’ SIM Only Business Deal

O2 are offering a very useful 3 months of free line rental with their SIM only tariffs and one of the most popular is priced at just £15 a month.

This includes:O2 Business SIM Only SIM card deals

  • 2GB of 4G Monthly Data
  • Unlimited Calls
  • Unlimited Text Messages
  • 500MB data for use in the EU
  • Use your minutes & text in the EU
  • 12 month contract

This great deal means that you can continue to use the phone you love and benefit from O2’s generous tariff with an instant £45 saving thanks to 3 months free line rental.

Should something eventually happen to your beloved phone you can upgrade at any time simply by paying off the outstanding monthly payments, or we can factor this into a new deal with a new phone for you.

We are able to offer SIM only deals for businesses of all sizes and across all UK networks plus upgrade lines with new handsets to create the perfect package for your business.

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