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Are upgrades best for your business?

An upgrade is simply when you decide to keep both your mobile number and network operator whilst either taking out a new contract for a phone or SIM card or renewing your contract without a handset.

Upgrade business mobiles, iPhone 7Upgrading can be utilised well in a couple of different scenarios:

  1. If you are happy with your existing network and service you can upgrade your contract either on the same tariff as before or to a different plan that better suits your usage with a new phone of your choice.
  2. If you do not require a new handset on some or any of your lines, using ‘no handset’ leverage, you can negotiate the price of a phone to be reflected in a discount against your monthly line rental charge or an increased inclusive bundle value saving money over your contract period.

The best situation to be in is close to the end of your existing contract, you are able to ‘buy out’ of contracts early should you wish to but the cost is obviously factored into any new deal.

The less you are committed to paying to complete your existing contract (termination fee), the better the deal for your new agreement.

In all of these scenarios you are able to trade in any existing handsets and use that value to further discount your upgrade deal.

Alternatives to upgrading your business mobiles

‘Porting’ is the most popular course of action for many businesses, this allows them to switch between their two favoured network operators every time their contract expires and take advantage of ‘new customer acquisition’ deals.

‘New connection’ is when you simply take out a new number either with or without a device. This type of deal is great for new businesses as well as adding new lines to existing accounts with all of the benefits of new customer discounts.

Let’s be honest here, most sales and management mobile users will need to retain their existing numbers that have been passed to clients and contacts. So ‘porting’ and ‘upgrading’ are the only real course of action for these lines.

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